[Media Follow] Heilongjiang Daily Published "New Industry Investment Group High Standard Diligence Construction Guarantee and High -quality Development"
      Recent,A series of party discipline learning and education、Deepening ability construction activities In the hot development of Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group: Holding the special reading class of party discipline education and education;
[Media Follow] Longjiang Chemical Company was awarded 2024 Digital (Smart) Demonstration Workshop in Heilongjiang Province
      People's Daily Harbin, July 4th (Liu Ting) Recently,A review and identification of the stake online casinoHeilongjiang Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology,Heilongjiang Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Funding Enterprise New Industry Investment Group Longjiang Chemical Company (hereinafter referred to as Longjiang Chemical Company) phenolitone phenolitone digital workshop was rated in Heilongjiang in 2024
[Media Follow] Longshi News Network Follow the new production investment group Hengfeng paper industry technical reform and upgrade
      Yesterday,Longshi News Network focuses on Hengfeng Group, the ownership of the new production investment group,Tell the push of digitalization,Traditional manufacturing is ushered in unprecedented opportunities for transformation and upgrading。Recent,Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengfeng Paper")
[Media Focus] Video News
[Media Focus] Leading News: Lan Shaomin emphasized the attention of & ldquo; new & rdquo; prominent & ldquo; production & ldquo; investment & rdquo; better serving Longjiang revitalization development
      stake.com casinoIn the afternoon of the 13th,Provincial CPPCC Chairman Lan Shaomin went to the Provincial New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.,The development and construction of state -owned enterprises in our province,Investigate the issues related to the 2024 negotiation plan of the Provincial CPPCC,Hold a symposium。    &
[Media Focus] Keli Company has new quality productive forces to compete for opening the door
Optical devices processed by Harbin Institute of Technology Super Precision Machine Tool。Harbin Institute of Technology developed independently developed and sealing products。Precision detection equipment developed by Harbin Institute of Technology。Ultra -precision machine tools developed and produced by Harbin Institute of Technology。The wafer thinning system of Harbin Institute of Technology R & D and produced by the key parts of the wafer thinning machine。The person in charge of Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group deeply penetrates Antian Technology'stake.com casino reviews docking financing needs。Keli Company and
[Media Focus] The competition starts! The new production investment group will focus on & ldquo; two new & rdquo; provide all -round service
[Media Focus] Digital Wisdom Power, my country Special Paper to the world
[Media Focus] Independent innovation and active research and development to make Chinese paper make the world
   "How thin is it? 0.025 mm,This is a single page thickness of 19 grams of thin printing paper,It replaces similar products imported in Europe,Drifting the ocean to the world,It represents the professional standard of Chinese papermaking,This is Mudanjiang, a new quality production capacity and technological innovation.
[Media Follow] Many media follow & ldquo;、New Industry、New kinetic energy promotes the development of new productive forces & rdquo; series activities
       February 28,sponsored by the Professional Committee of the State -owned Investment Company of the China Investment Association,The "Avenue Pass -New Technology co stake.com casino review-organized by the new industry investment group in Heilongjiang Province、New Industry、New King Energy Promoting the Development of New Quality "series of activities is affected by People's Daily、Dragon Vision