Heilongjiang Digital Intelligent Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Longjiang Digital Zhi Company") was established in March 2024,Registered capital 300 million yuan,It is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.。Longjiang Digital Zhi Company is based on the development of Xinchuang Industry,Fighting on the layout of artificial intelligence and big data industry,Give full play to the cultivation and investment casinoleadership and leverage of the cultivation of state -owned capital in the core industry of the digital economy,Formed work in key areas

Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. Financial Sharing Center 2024 Public Recruitment Announcement

      Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Longjiang New Industry Investment") was established in January 2019,Is in the Yuanchenneng Group、Based on the three companies of China League Group and Keli Company, it is reorganized,Registered capital 6.65 billion yuan,It is a pilot company of provincial -level state -owned capital investment companies。Group's functional positioning is provincial strategic emerging industries and high -tech industries

Disclosure of Sallery Information Disclosure of the person in charge of the investment enterprise of Heilongjiang Provincial SASAC (2022)

Heilongjiang New Industry stake sports betting appInvestment Group for stake online casinointernal competitive selection and hiring Chen Neng Industrial General Accountants、Keli Company Disciplinary Inspection Team Announcement

      To meet the needs of enterprise development,Promote the better selection of talents、Good talent,Gradually forming an excellent person can stand out、Cadres who can go up and down the personnel mechanism; at the same time,Create public、Fair、Justice、Competitive selection and employment platform,Promote the healthy development of various businesses of the enterprise。According to relevant national regulations,Combined with Chen Neng Real Estate、Keli Company's Care Force

Heilongjiang Venture Investment Co., Ltd. Received the Announcement of the Interview Address


Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group announced stake online casinointernal competitive selection of middle -level managers

      In order to continuously deepen reform,Enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise,Provide human resources guarantee for the continuous development of the group headquarters。Further formation of outstanding talents stand out、Cadres can go up and down、Vibrant Selection and Employment Mechanism,Create public、Fair、Justice、Competitive selection and employment platform,Combined with the actual situation and actual needs of the group headquarters cadre team,Decided to face the group

Announcement on the relationship between the new production investment group and Chenneng Trading Company

Better List (third batch)

List of new production investment group enterprises (second batch)

Better List (first batch)