Fu Qiang and his party deeply rooted in the research and guidance work of China League Long New Company

Category: Group News     2024-03-06

      March 4,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the New Industry Investment Group、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Fu Qiang and his party went to the research and guidance work of China League Long New Company。Secretary of the Party Committee of China League Group、Chairman Du Weimu accompanied the research。

      Fu Qiang and his party inspected the main control room of China League Long New Company、Fire Team、MMA and MAA devices。He pointed out,Tighten the string of safety production at all times,Resolutely overcome the paralysis、Loose Strongness,Pressing and composing responsibility,Implement stake online casinovarious stake online casinosafety operation measures,Welcome to the "Two Sessions" with a safe and stable operating environment。

      Investigation and discussion,Secretary of the Party Committee of China League Long New Company、Chairman Li Xiaofeng for the purchase of raw materials for the company from January to February、Market situation、Business indicators、Progress of key work,and the production safety during the "two sessions" made a special report to Fu Qiang and his party。

      Fu Qiang affirmed the production and operation work of the China League Longxin Chemistry from January to February,He pointed out,Chemical enterprises must adhere to the "steady progress、To promote stability、Stand -up of the first and then break ",Do a good job of business management、Reform and development。

      Fu Qiang emphasized,stake.com casino reviewWantImprove political standing,Careful study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important speech,firm "two establishment",Get "two maintenance"。Carefully implement the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee、The spirit of the special meeting of the Provincial Government Safety Committee,Implementing the spirit of the Group's 2024 Working Conference;Two:Choose a heavy responsibility,Formulate positive indicators,Strive to carry the responsibility of development,Help the Group's high -quality development;Three:Coordinated business、The relationship between reform and development,Do the stock,Exploring new paths,Improve corporate profitability;Four MoPrepare a new round of inspection work,Accelerates the discovery of problems in the last round of inspections;Five:Strengthening the party strictly governing the party,Strengthen the construction of party style and clean government and grass -roots party building work,Promote the construction of the legal compliance system。Strengthening the education of a clean government,Maintaining a stable political ecology;Six:Strengthening safety production management,Correction of safety liability,Clarify safety responsibilities,Implement the three tubes and three must,Strengthen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers and festivals、Dating on duty during key periods,Make sure production and operation safety。

      Du Weimu said,After the first stop of the General Manager of Fu Qiang, the first stop came to the China League Long New Chemical Inspection Guidance Work,fully reflects the group leaders' concern and support for China League Group and chemical enterprises,boosted morale,Encouraging motivation。China League Group will strictly implement the work deployment and requirements of the group,Firm development confidence and determination,Fully promotes the work tasks in 2024 steadily,Contribute Stake Sports BettingStake Sports Bettingto the Group's high -quality development。

      Group Safety (Engineering) Supervision Department、Finance Department、Relevant comrades in the office accompanied the investigation and inspection。

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