Hao Huilong, a member of the Party Group of the Provincial CPPCC, went to the new production investment group for research

Category: Group News     2024-06-14

      June 12,Hao Huilong, a member of the Party Group of the Provincial CPPCC, went to the new production investment group to investigate and guide the work,The research team revolves around the group's production and operation、Investment mechanism、Plastic use of the platform,Especially for problems such as the institutional mechanism of high -tech industry investment, investigations and discussions。

      At the symposium,The research team listened to the party committee secretary of the group company、Chairman Stake Sports BettingSun Guangyuan's work report,Interactive communication。

      Hao Huilong's functional positioning of the new production investment group around the provincial party committee stake.com casinoand Provincial Government,A solid promotion of various measures for strategic emerging industries and high -tech industries,Investment、Production and operation、The achievements achieved by project construction are fully affirmed。

      Hao Huilong pointed out,As a strategic emerging industry and high -tech industry investment and capital operation platform for the province,New production investment group should make articles on enhancing corporate capital strength and better play the role of platform,Play a more important role in promoting the development of the "two new" industries in the province。Actively explore the rules of the operation of state -owned investment companies,Beauty and a strong backbone stake sports betting appenterprise,Growing core assets,Use direct investment、Fund and other investment tools,Help scientific and technological achievements conversion。To establish fault -tolerant supervision and incentive mechanisms with the principle of marketization of venture capital,Create a more scientific assessment mechanism with technological achievements transformation and high -tech enterprise cultivation。Pay attention to the cultivation of the entrepreneur team,Explore and introduce、Cultivation、Effective ways of talent。

      Hao Huilong emphasized,Provincial CPPCC will continue to pay attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the province、High -tech enterprise cultivation and other aspects,Carefully sort out the research results of the investigation,Actively provide suggestions to the Provincial Party Committee stake.com casinoand Provincial Government,Support new production investment group integration science and education resources、Give full play to the role of the alliance、The scale of the fund,Contributions to promoting Longjiang to create a new productive productive practice place。

      Director of the Economic Committee of the Provincial CPPCC Gao Dawei,Deputy Director Wang Zhikui,Vice Chairman of Harbin CPPCC、Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce Xu Wei and relevant staff of the Provincial CPPCC,Group leader Lu Ming、Li Yiqing、Zhang Yanmei、Li Jinsong,Group Chief Investment Officer、Full -time external directors、Class executives and responsible comrades in the department participated in the research and discussion。

      Hao Huilong and his party visit the information center and the enterprise exhibition hall,Understand the building of the Group'Stake Sports Bettings Party、Development history、Main business、Informatization construction、Future strategy and other situations。

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