New Industry Investment Group held a party discipline learning warning education conference

Category: Group News     2024-06-28

      June 27,New Industry Investment Group held a party discipline learning warning education conference,In -depth implementation of the central government、Requirements for the deployment of party discipline learning and education of the Provincial Party Committee,Analysis and interpretation through typical cases,Educational warning party members and cadres continuously improve their awareness of integrity and self -discipline and ability to refuse corruption and prevent corruption。

      will be on it,Watch the "Reference Movies of Integrity Education Series --- State-owned Enterprise" Entering Enterprise Enterprises "typical case warning records",Member of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Supervisor Li Hui Li Hui used the "Implementation stake sports betting app& LT; Regulations & GT;、Learn from the case-let party members and cadres be awakened、Ming bottom line、Awe of Awe "as the title,Special interpretation of "Six Discipline",Secretary of the Party Committee、Chairman Sun Guangyuan made a summary speech,The meeting was deputy secretary of the party committee、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Fu Qiang hosted。

      Sun Guangyuan pointed out,To improve political standing,Deep understanding the significance of party discipline learning and education。Carry out party discipline learning education in the whole party,It is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee,fully reflects the strong will to solve the unique problem of the party with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,The firm determination to promote self -revolution with strict discipline。To deeply understand the significance of carrying out party discipline learning and education,Further deepen the neglect of the party discipline、Knowledge of violations of party discipline problems,Effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the party's discipline construction。

      Sun Guangyuan emphasized,To grasp the key links,stake sports betting appFully promotes the group's party discipline learning and education to go deeply。Accurately grasp the target requirements,Take the study of the "Regulations" as a compulsory course、Frequency Course,Really learn to understand、Knowledge and Film One,To learn something、Learning to enlightenment、Learning is useful; comprehensively grasp the main point of the main purpose of the "six disciplines",Key learning to understand、Check out one by one,Promoting the implementation of learning、Enter the mind; take the "Regulations" as the ruler to strictly examine the body,Efforts to transform his law requirements into inner pursuit,Print the discipline of the follow -up rules in the heart。

      Sun Guangyuan requirements,To strengthen responsibility,Carrying and strictly governing the party's political responsibility。Party organizations at all levels of the group must further recognize the positioning of their duties,Careful responsibility for performing duties,Ensure that the work of strictly governing the party extends to the grassroots level; we must adhere to the combination of strict management and stake sports betting applove,Endogly mobilize the enthusiasm of cadres and employees,Promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the officer;,Continuously consolidate the expansion and implementation of the spiritual results of the eight central regulations,Grasp the style of style; to cultivate a clean culture,To achieve Mingda virtue、Shougong morality、Yan Private,Building the foundation foundation。

      Fu Qiang requirements when hosting the meeting,Group Office of the Group、Enterprises of all owners,To quickly convey the spirit of the meeting,Unified thoughts and actions to the meeting deployment。All party members and cadres of the group must counter to the province in comparison of the case,Do not get over red lines、Keep the bottom line、Do not touch the high -voltage line。Party organizations at all levels of the group must solidly promote party discipline learning and education,Strengthen the daily education supervision and management of party members and cadres,Continue to create a positive political ecology,Provide a strong discipline guarantee for the group's high -quality development!

      The meeting was held by a combination Stake Sports Bettingof on -site and video,Member of the leadership team of the group company、Provincial management cadre、Full -time external directors、class executives、Mid -level cadres and party members of each department,Members and full -time external directors at the second -level ownership enterprise in Harbin Harbin。Mid -level cadres at the second -level ownership enterprise in Harbin、Party member,Harbin City No. 2、Members of Leading Team of Three -Level Enterprises、Middle -level cadres、Party members at the branch venue video participation。

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