Fu Qiang and his party went to Harbin Corocooth Area to investigate and joint aircraft project

Category: Group News     2024-07-03

       July 1,Fu Qiang and his party went to the Harbin Congfang District Joint Aircraft Project for investigation,Understand the progress of investment projects,Promote the progress of the project,Investment Management Department、Stake Sports BettingThe relevant comrades of the office participated in the survey。


      Fu Qiang and his party first came to the Harbin United Aircraft Project Exhibition Hall,Liu Haitao, marketing manager of Harbin United Aircraft Project Marketing Manager, introduced in detail the overall development of the joint aircraft project、Progress of the construction of Harbin Joint Aircraft Project、Product production and sales and new product development situation。


      Subsequent,Fu Qiang and his party at the construction site of the Harbin United Aircraft Project Factory Stake Sports Bettingarea,Wang Lidong project manager responsible for the construction of the Harbin base introduced in detail the overall construction plan of the base、Construction progress and next arrangement, etc.。


      Fu Qiang said,Harbin United Aircraft Project is the implementation,An important layout of the development of Longjiang high -end equipment manufacturing industry with investment,New Industry Investment Group attaches great importance to、Always follow the progress of the Harbin joint aircraft project,Hope Harbin United Aircraft Company will Stake Sports Bettingspeed up project construction,Promoting the unmanned helicopter industry quickly settled in Longjiang,For the comprehensive revitalization of Longjiang、All -in -one revitalization contribution strength。New Industry Investment Group will continue to play the role of provincial state -owned enterprises,Continuous attention and help enterprise development。

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