The Party Committee of the China League Group held the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the party and & ldquo;

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      To celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Vigorously promote the spirit of the great party to build the party,Gathering officers and entrepreneurial forces,July 1,The Party Committee of the China League Group held the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the party and the "two excellents and one first" commendation meeting,Members of the leadership team of the China League Group、The person in charge of the party organization of various ownership enterprises、Commendation representative、Participate in the party members on the spot,Video participation in the leadership team and related personnel Stake Sports Bettingof various ownership enterprises。

      In the solemn and majestic national anthem,The conference kicked off the prelude。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China League Group、General Manager Duan Hui read the commendation decision; 38 outstanding Communist Party members in the system、8 outstanding party workers and 7 advanced grass -roots party organizations have been commended; the party secretary of the China League Group Group、Chairman Du Weimu made a concluding speech。

      Meeting to point out,Since the establishment of the asset management platform,Party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres to resolutely implement the spirit of the first party congress of the new production and investment group,Adhere to the idea of ​​the work of the party building of the party committee of the China League Group.,Focus on the main responsibility,Give full play to the role of "fortress" and pioneer,Met the difficulty Stake Sports Bettingand seek development、Open New Bureau,The core competitiveness of the enterprise is increasingly enhanced,Political Ecology、Work style and cultural atmosphere has changed significantly。On the road to development of China League Group,A group of hard work and hard work emerged、Struggle to attack、Outstanding individual and advanced collective,This grand recognition these preferred typical examples,It is a gift event for the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the party。

      Meeting requirements,Party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres must use advanced as a role model,Give full play to the pioneering role of "Fortress"。First, we must strengthen the ideals and beliefs,Forging loyalty political character。We must continuously improve political standing、Strengthen the mission,Resolutely achieve the foundation of faith、Courage to take the responsibility、Trees are the purpose of the casinopeople。Second, we must strengthen the leadership of party building,Show the effective performance of deep integration。To carry out the "two -way mechanism" party building work,Let "actively integrate party building work into production and operation,Production and operation actively benchmarking party building requirements ",Make party building work a "accelerator" for high -quality development of enterprises。Three to build a ideological defense line,Promoting the Clear Wind of Clean and Self -discipline。To promote party discipline study and education through solidly、Strengthening integrity warning education、Measures such as launching special governance actions,With the comprehensive and strict governance of the party's new results, it provides strong political guarantees for the development of enterprise。

      Conference emphasized,All party members and cadres of China League Group must be under the stake sports betting appcorrect leadership of the party committee of the new production investment group,With a more important mental state、More unity and harmonious officer atmosphere、More truth -seeking work style,Make new and greater contributions to the achievement of the high -quality development of the China League Group!

      The conference ended in the impassioned international singing.

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