Clean Energy Company Launched & ldquo; July 1 & rdquo;

Category: Plates dynamics     2024-07-04

      In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,Celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Promoting the spirit of the great party,Stimulate the forgiving power of the new era,Further enhances the cohesion and combat power of the party branch,Clean Energy Company organizes to carry out the "July 1" party -building series theme party day activities。

      The first branch of cleaning energy、Third Branch、Daqing branch、Lanxi Branch through watching stake online casinored movies and revisiting the party's oath,Let all party members deeply feel the party's glorious journey and great achievements,Popularity of the scene、The touching picture is presented in front of everyone,Everyone seems to have gone back in the era of wind and rain,Revolutionary martyrs fight blood、Uncomfortable、The Road to build a party for hard work。After the movie viewing is over,Everyone said,Will keep in mind the original mission,Inherit and promote the party's fine traditions,Play the role of the pioneer of party members based on the post,Contribute to promoting the company's high -quality development。

      Second branch of clean energy、Fujin Branch carried out the "I am a party member, I promise" to establish the theme party day event,All party members led by the branch secretary signed a promise letter for all party members。stake sports betting appThe party members of the event clarified their responsibilities and obligations,Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission。Branch party member said,In the future, the "Party Membership Promise Promise" will be used as a guide for action,Use actual actions to fulfill the promise content,Contribute to the healthy development of the clean energy industry。

       Xigou Party General Branch、Raohe Branch organized all party members to visit Heihe City Public Security Bureau warning education base and Raohe County Museum,The party members listened to the interpreter in detail the historical status of the fight against corruption in my country and Chen Rongjiu、Cui Shiquan and other heroes of the anti -Allied heroes,I personally experience the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs' selfless dedication and heroic sacrifice。Founder casino reviewBranch、Ruifeng Branch jointly organized party members to visit the Founder Anti -Lian Yinglie Commemorative Land,Let everyone feel the spirit of "Northeast Anti -Union"。After the visit,Party members said,Models of revolutionary martyrs and heroes,Keep in mind the identity of the party member,Fight for advanced,Add new motivation to the company's high -quality development with actual actions、Inject new vitality。

      Baoshan Branch organized a party day event of the "Qing July 1" hostel mountaineering theme。The branch members of the branch are enthusiastic all the way,Not afraid of difficulties,Climbing up and going up,Singing "No New China without the Communist Party without the Communist Party",Expressing confidence and determination to always follow the party。After the event is over,Party members have said, casinoWill not be afraid of difficulties in mountaineering activities、The spirit of courage to scramble into daily work,Continue to carry forward the difficulty、Gathering Power、Excellent style of unity and collaboration,Contribute your own strength to the clean energy industry。

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