Longjiang Chemical Corporation held the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the party and & ldquo; Xianyou & rdquo;

Category: Plates dynamics     2024-07-04

      July 3,The Party Committee of Longjiang Chemical Corporation organized a celebration of the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the party and the "Xianyou" commendation conference,Confused 13 outstanding Communist Party members、4 outstanding party workers、2 advanced party branches。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、Chairman Yang Dengwen chaired the meeting,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、General Manager Leng Hongbin read the company's party committee "About the outstanding Communist Party member of Longjiang Chemical Company、Decision of Outstanding Party Affairs Workers and Advanced Party Branch stake sports betting app",Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Liu Liewei attended the meeting and spoke。 

      Meeting to point out,The company's party branches and all party members and cadres must always remember the party's glorious journey,firm belief, belief, confidence,Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics,赓 Continue tradition、Continue struggle,Vigorously promote the spirit of the great party to build the party,"Being the northernmost、The political loyalty of the Party Central Committee ",Leading all cadres and employees based on positions,Advocate practical、Pay attention to implementation,Responsibility for performing duties、Contribution strength,Unremitting struggle to promote the company's high -quality development。

      Conference emphasized,We must consciously inherit the party's glorious tradition and excellent style,Struggle for the development of Stake Sports Bettingthe company's career comprehensively、Create merits;,Create an excellent atmosphere that advocates advanced;,Grab party building around the task of production and operation center,Check the quality and efficiency of party building work with work performance; first -class enterprises in the standard industry,Insufficient gap in positive view,Practice internal skills,In promoting cost reduction and efficiency、To better play the role of party members in safe and smooth operation; we must effectively grasp the implementation of party building responsibilities,Further improve the quality of party building work; to strengthen positive winds and discipline and anti -corruption,Improve institutional system construction,Party members and cadres must be honest and self -discipline、Mingji Shouji,Promote the development of comprehensive and strict governance of the party and enterprises in depth。

      Conference call,The majority of party members stake.com casinoof the company must always look at the advanced typical model,Always use advanced purity requirements to cultivate yourself,Use responsibility as a requirement to motivate yourself,Enhance yourself with "five excellent" requirements,Continuously enhanced quality capabilities,Practice responsibility、Promoting work solidly,To complete the annual task target,Promote the company's high -quality development and condense strong joint force。All party branches should take the advanced party branch of commended as a role model,Carefully grasp the education management of party members,Standardization、Standardized construction,Building the branch into a unity and condense employees、Promoting the fighting fortress that promotes the overcome,The deeds and spirit of the advanced model become the precious spiritual wealth of Longjiang Chemical,Breeding the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and excellent corporate Stake Sports Bettingculture of Longjiang Chemical。

      Member of the company's leadership team、class executives、Secretary of each branch、The person in charge of each department、Some party members, cadres and employees, and the commendable "two excellents and one first" representative attended the meeting。

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