A collective、Three individuals won the provincial SASAC & ldquo; Xianyou & rdquo; recognition

Category: Group News     2024-07-04

      July 1,The Provincial SASAC system celebrates the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the party and the "Xianyou" commendation conference is held in Harbin,Revisked the development history of the party and the great achievements obtained,concentratedly recognized the 121 outstanding Communist Party members of the system enterprise、50 outstanding party workers、117 advanced grassroots party organizations。

      will be on,The leadership team of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC awarded the medal to the Stake Sports Bettingcommendable "two excellents and one first" representative、Medal and Honor Certificate。1 collective、3 individuals won the provincial assets committee system "two first and one excellent" commendation。

      Meeting to point out,Excellent individual and advanced collective,It is all units of the provincial SASAC system enterprise、Outstanding representatives in various fields,Their advanced deeds and lofty character,fully demonstrated the good spiritual style and excellent political quality of the state -owned enterprise party organization and the Communist Party members in the new period,Concentrated reflects the party's advanced nature and representativeness。Excellent individuals and advanced collectives who want to be commended cherish the honor、Quit arrogance and irritability、Bold innovation、Framented Stake Sports Bettingfor Agreement、Repeat it、Create again。

      The collective and individual representation of the new production investment group is commended,This glorious moment at the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Can be rated as an outstanding Communist Party member of the SASAC、Excellent Party Workers、Advanced grass -roots party organizations,Both Honor,It is also responsible,Even more spur。In the future work,It will be ignored by the training and affirmation of the organization,Continue to do a good job of grass -roots party affairs work with affection,Improve the cohesion and combat power of grass -roots party organizations,Promote the deep integration of party building and production and operation of state -owned enterprises,Guarantee Provincial Party Committee、Provincial SASAC Party Committee decision -making deployment to take root。

      Stake Sports BettingCall of Party Committee of New Investment and Investment Group,The majority of party members should use the commendation objects as examples,Learn that they love the party as the party、Monopoly Dedication、Courage to innovate、Toughness、The spirit of clear and honest。Resolutely implement the party's line policy and policy in the work,Strictly obey the party's political discipline and political rules; always put collective interests in the first place,Regardless of personal gains and losses; in the face of new situations and new challenges,Courage to break through traditional thinking; give up without saying lightly when facing difficulties and setbacks,Maintain the enthusiasm and perseverance of work;,Strictly abide by laws and regulations and the rules and regulations of state -owned enterprises。Constantly improving its stake sports betting appown quality and ability level,Contributions to the promotion of the group's high -quality development more forces。

      The collective deeds of the group's collective and individuals being commended,will be broadcast on the WeChat public account,Please follow。

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