Venture Capital、Real Estate、Keli Company jointly carried out & ldquo; promoting the Qingfeng Zhengqi,Building a clean and honest state -owned enterprise & rdquo;

Category: Plates dynamics     2024-07-05

      To thoroughly implement the party committee of the group、Discipline Inspection Commission's deployment requirements on the construction of integrity culture in the new era,Related requirements for party discipline learning and education activities,On the morning of July Stake Sports Betting4,stake online casinoVenture Corporation Discipline Inspection Commission、Disciplinary Inspection Team of Zhunneng Real Estate Company、All party members and cadres of the three companies in the disciplinary inspection team of the Cori Corporation participated in the "promoting the Qingfeng Zhengqi,Building a clean and honest state -owned enterprise "—— Visit Harbin Clean Government Education Base Activity,Further enrich the content of party discipline learning and education,Promote the integrity of party members and cadres, politics consciousness and rejection of anti -corruption and anti -changes, and then increase。


      Under the careful introduction of the interpreter,All party members and cadres visited the city's integrity education base in order to "follow casinothe way"stake online casino, "Struggle", "The Time of Thunder" and "Alarm bell long" the theme,Watch the warning education film in concentrated,The oath of entering the party under the party of the party。Through typical corruption cases,All party members and cadres have deeply realized that the Party Central Committee has deeply exerted its efforts to correct the wind since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.、The determination and strength of the high -voltage punishment of the iron wrist,Sobw to recognize that the party is strictly governed on the road forever,The Party's self -revolution will always be on the road。

      After the visit,Everyone said,Cases of corruption displayed at the integrity casinoeducation stake sports betting appbase are shocked,The trajectory of life trajectory of the corruption of the discipline and illegal cadres is extremely profound,Their pain and lesson sounded the alarm clock for party members and cadres,Is a vivid warning education class。Everyone thinks,Learn from real cases,Taking the case as a mirror、Learn from the case、Taking the case as the ring,Awewed、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line,Counting the "seven accounts" in life,Always adhere to the correct life pursuit,Divided black and white,Displastic fake,See clear right and wrong,Eliminate fluke psychology,Strings of Think of Thought,Promote the Qingfeng Zhengqi、Building a clean and honest casino reviewstate Stake Sports Betting-owned enterprise,Forever the political nature of the Communist Party members。

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