New Industry Investment Group Longjiang Chemical Company was awarded 2024 Digital (Smart) Demonstration Workshop

Category: Plates dynamics     2024-07-05

      Recent,A review and identification of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology,Longjiang Chemical Company Phenolitone Digital Workshop was evaluated in 2024 Digital (Smart) Demonstration Workshop,This marks that Longjiang Chemical Company is creating a digital chemical plant、Promote intelligence with digital technology、Green、A solid step in the safe development。

      Under the correct leadership of the New Industry Investment Group,Longjiang Chemical Company firmly establishes the concept of digital development at the beginning of the project,Strengthen the top -level design,Guided by the overall development strategy of the enterprise,Around casino reviewbusiness management、Production operation、Equipment Management、Safety and environmental protection and other core businesses,Create a collection MES system、ERP system、Equipment Management System、HSE Comprehensive Management System、Storage and transportation and sales intelligent management platform, including 13 subsystems, is a digital cloud platform that integrates 13 subsystems,Realize the production and operation of the entire process of digital control,The degree of digitalization of the company is at the leading level of the same industry。

      Create the Industrial Internet,Unified scheduling of the entire factory。Longjiang Chemical Company implements digitalization through the implementation of digitalization、Informatization、Network construction,Connected to the equipment of each production workshop,"Information Island" for thoroughly eliminating the local operation of the workshop,Realize the comprehensive collection and information integration of production casinodata,Management can perform real -time monitoring and online scheduling management of the company's overall production and operation。Monitoring of key equipment,Promote smooth operation。Longjiang Chemical Company's equipment management system can monitor the operating status of the key equipment in real time、Failure of faulty remote intelligent diagnosis and health trend prediction,Passive maintenance is active maintenance,Compared with traditional chemical companies,Each year can save more than 10%of the maintenance costs of the equipment。Equipment fault warning can reduce device parking caused by equipment failure,Affordable device for a long cycle to run steadily。Implement digital management,Promote quality improvement and efficiency。Longjiang Chemical Company integrated ERP、MES system and management cockpit,The full process of production and operation、Closed -loop management of full cycle,Reduced product single consumption and energy consumption, casinoEffectively improved production benefits; the intelligent management platform of storage and transportation and sales,Realize the intelligent queue of vehicles to enter the factory,loading and unloading truck、Passing、Factory One Cartoon,greatly improved work efficiency and customer experience。Strengthening hidden dangers monitoring and control,Promoting essential security。Longjiang Chemical Company GDS system can monitor the leakage of various combustible and harmful substances at the site,Ensure that employees' personal health and safety; HSE comprehensive management system covers the requirements of national safety production standardization,Contains major hazard sources monitoring、hidden danger management、Work Management、Emergency management and other business modules,The full process of production and operation is safe and controllable。

      Future,Longjiang Chemical Corporation will focus on the construction of smart factories,Improve "intelligent" capacity,Innovative production casinooperation and operation management,Accelerate the cultivation and form new productive forces,Actively create intelligence、Green、Modern chemical enterprises with safe and sustainable development,Really realize the "real fusion、Intelligent Manufacturing Future "。

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