Promoting the development of party discipline learning and education to strengthen clean -corporate culture construction & mdash; & mdash; Li Hui and his party went to Hengfeng Group to investigate and guide

Category: Group News     2024-07-05

      For the implementation of the Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Party Committee of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the Party Committee of the New Industry Investment and Investment Group on the deployment requirements of party discipline and education,In -depth study and implementation of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Education guidance Stake Sports Bettingof party members and cadres to learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Promote clean corporate culture construction,July 2,Member of the Party Committee of the New Industry Investment and Investment Group、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Li Hui, a supervisory commissioner of the Provincial Supervision Committee, went to Hengfeng Group to conduct a research,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education Deep Those。Group Discipline Inspection Commission's relevant responsible comrades accompanied the research。


      morning that day,Li Hui and his party went to China Paper Museum (Heilongjiang)、Hengfeng Group Employee Service Center、Employee Bookstore conducts field surveys,Deepening the PM22 project construction site、Intelligent Control Center、PM16 Production Line and Modeling Innovation Studio,Comprehensively understand the development process of Hengfeng Group、Production and operation results、The effectiveness stake sports betting appof corporate culture construction and front -line production situation。During the survey process,Secretary of the Party Committee of Hengfeng Group、Chairman Xu Xiang and members of the leadership team introduced in detail the actual situation of the enterprise。


      At the discussion and exchange meeting,Comrade Xu Xiang reported the production and operation of Hengfeng Group、Performing the responsibility of governing the party and the current challenges and future planning。Li Hui and his party communicated in depth with members of the corporate leadership team,To strengthen the party governing the party、Business Management and Clean Culture Construction and other contents conduct in -depth discussions,Put forward specific requirements。


      Afternoon,Comrade Li Hui made a solid development of party discipline learning and education for party members and cadres at the middle level or above of the enterprise,Accelerate the Construction of Capital stake sports betting appCulture Construction "of the party discipline learning warning education party lesson,Further strengthen the integrity Stake Sports Bettingof party members and cadres of corporate party members、Consciousness of integrity。

      Comrade Li Hui also conducted a "one -to -one" reminder conversation with the company's "first leader" and team members,Implement the responsibility of governing the party、Performing "one job and two responsibilities"、Deepen Party discipline learning and education、Strengthening integrity and self -discipline and other aspects of requests。The research team focuses on General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech、The implementation of the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Provincial Party Committee carried out supervision and inspection,Checked the list of comprehensive and strict party responsibilities of the company in 2024、Party style and clean stake online casinogovernment construction and anti -corruption work deployment、Carrying out related information such as party discipline learning and integrity cultural construction,Promote the effective implementation of related work。

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