F full -time external directors of the group company deeply penetrate the venture capital company to investigate the project post -investment management work

Category: Group News     2024-07-08

      To comprehensively strengthen the construction of the board of directors of the group company,Give full play to the role of external directors,Do a good job of research and guarantee for scientific decision -making,On July 3rd, the group company's full -time external Stake Sports Bettingstake.com casinodirector Yan Zonghua、Fu Songyan's in -depth venture capital company,Carry out a special survey for after -investment management work。Deputy General Manager of Venture Corporation Yu Zhongfei and the Investment Business Department participated in the investigation and discussion,Relevant personnel of the Group Company's Office accompanied the investigation。


      At the symposium,Yu Zhongfei has reported in detail the development of the venture capital company in recent years、Post -investment management status and the next work ideas。F full -time external directors of the group company fully affirm the post -management work of venture capital stake sports betting appstake.com casino reviewcompanies,and the function of strengthening the after -investment management function、System mechanism construction、Service Enterprise needs、In -depth exchanges in the development of industrial development。The full -time external director of the group company pointed out,Venture Corporation must further play the role of provincial "two new" industrial investment and capital operation platforms,Continue focusing on the "two new" industries,Increase the incubation of scientific and technological achievements、Conversion strength,Cultivate the industrial chain; to improve the post -investment management mechanism,Do a good job Stake Sports Bettingstake sports betting appof management and empowerment,Timely docking and mastering the needs of the enterprise,Effectively help solve practical problems,Continue to promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger,Cultivate the "two new" industries for our province、Develop new quality productivity to make greater contributions。


      During the survey,The full -time external directors of the group company visited the venture capital company's already invested enterprise.,Visit the enterprise exhibition hall,and the person in charge of the enterprise conducted in -depth exchanges on the company's development status and future planning。

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