Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Longjiang New Investment Investment") was established in January 2019,Is in Yuanchenneng Group、Based on the three companies of China League Group and Keli Company, it is reorganized,Registered capital 6.65 billion yuan,It is a pilot company of provincial -level state -owned capital investment companies。Group's functional positioning is the investment and capital operation platform of provincial strategic emerging industries stake sports betting appand stake.com casinohigh -tech industries,Responsible for the provincial high -tech industry incubators and other functions。As of the end of 2023,The total amount of assets of the group is 29.73 billion yuan,Full system employees 5855。2023,Group's expected operating income of 5.859 billion yuan,Total profit of 590 million yuan,Completed 2.947 billion yuan in two new investment,increased by 3.4%year -on -year。

The Group serves the State and Longjiang Strategy,Based on the foundation of the existing industry,Optimized configuration,Coordinating strategic reorganization and professional integration,Building four major business units、Eight business sectors。First, the main business unit。will include wind power、stake online casinoThe stake.com casino reviewclean energy sector and comprehensive development of biomass composition of hydropower and electricity are used as the main business of the group,is the basis for the group's operating income and profits。Second is the core business unit。Use the high -tech investment sector and the technology fund sector as the group's core business,Give full play to the function of the provincial high -tech industry incubator,Affordable to the important role of the group cultivation and development of the "two new" industries。Third is to support the business unit。The newly entered chemical and paper industry as the group support business,The important mission should be shouldered to build a corporate project。Fourth is the transformation Stake Sports Bettingbusiness stake.com casinounit。Turn the thermal power joint and technology real estate sector as the group's transformation business,Urgently need to upgrade the file、Transformation Development。

Future,According to the group's medium and long -term strategic development plan,The "12345" strategy will be implemented,Both the first task around the "high -quality development",Focus on the two new feature positioning of "strategic emerging industries and high -tech industries",Keep the "building of party style and clean government、Enterprise investment risk、Safety and Quality Environmental Protection "three bottom lines,Promote "asset securitization、Diverse equity、Industrial Digitalization、Management Standardization "Four stake sports betting appstake sports betting appFour Construction,Improve "Strategic Management、Investment control、Capital operation、Resource integration、Digital Innovation "five abilities。By the end of 2027,The Group strives to achieve the total assets reached 60 billion yuan,operating income of 10 billion yuan,The total profit of the annual profit is more than 1.5 billion yuan,Strive to hold or participate in 5 listed companies。