New Industry Investment Group held a 2024 work conference and a three -session of the third post conference

Category: Group News     2024-01-31

      January 30,New Industry Investment Group held a 2024 work conference and a three -session of the third post conference,Summary 2023 results,Deploy 2024 work task,Commendation first excellent model,Organization and Mobilization Group further unified thinking、Promoting the spirit,Compact responsibility、Reinforcement responsibility,Strive to create a new pattern of high -quality development of the group。

      The meeting was deputy secretary of the group party committee、Chairman of the Trade Union、President of Employee Directors Gao Guoguo。Member of the Party Committee、Directors、Deputy General Manager Lu Ming notified the important honor obtained by the group over the past year。Secretary of the Party Committee、Chairman Sun Guangyuan's work report "Keep in mind the mission, gratitude, forge ahead and create a new situation for the Group's high -quality development"。

      Sun Guangyuan fully affirmed the results achieved in 2023,He pointed out,2023 is the year of the start of the 20th spirit of the party,It is one year for economic recovery and development after the new crown epidemic prevention and control of the new crown epidemic,It is also a key year for the new production investment group to move towards the new journey。Group in the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government and the Provincial SASAC,Tightly study and implement General Secretary casino reviewXi casinoJinping's inspection of important speeches during our province and the spirit of the Party Central Committee decision -making deployment,Follow functional positioning、Standing in Longjiang Big situation,Around the "Structural Adjusting Year",Implement "3565" strategic deployment,successfully completed the established goal,New results in various tasks。

      Sun Guangyuan pointed out,Overall requirements of work in 2024: Persist in the total tone of the work of steady progress,Always adhering to high -quality development is the hard path of the new era,Strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party,Deepen the comprehensive and strict governance of the party,Based on the "two new" functional positioning,Effective building a better quality、better benefits、higher efficiency、The mechanism is more alive、Group new development pattern with stronger competitiveness。The group's medium and long -term business target and the main economic indicators in 2024: by the end of 2027,The Group strives to achieve the total assets reached 60 billion yuan,Business income of more than billions of yuan,The total profit of the annual profit is more than 1.5 billion yuan,Strive to hold or participate in 5 listed companies。2024 full -force method、Tune structure、Gift quality、Increase benefits,Strive to achieve the double growth rate of operating income and total profit of 8%、Strive for "two new" investment accounting for not less than 85 %。

      Sun Guangyuan emphasized,Do a good job of work in 2024,We must focus on the "Effective Year of Efficiency",Give full play to the cultivation of the "two new" industries、Project Construction、Capital operation、Reform deepen、Stake Sports BettingInvestment Stake Sports Bettingpromotion、Digitalization、Xinchuang、Decreased control、Financial sharing、Evaluate the role of ten work classes,Potal Longjiang、Vote "Two New"、Investment Development、Vote the future,Integrate external resources in four aspects,Optimize the internal structure in three directions,Implement management empowerment in six fields、The advantages of the five major party building in the thick plant,Promote the "4365" strategy high -quality and efficient landing。Around "Four Scenes",Integration four aspects of external resources。Integrating government high -quality resources,Integrated scientific and technological innovation resources,Integrate industry market resources,Integrated capital market resources。Around the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the plate,Optimize three direction internal industrial structure。That is to promote stable expansion increase,Quality improvement and efficiency increases the stock,Highlight professional construction platform。Improvement around management,Implement six management empowerment。That is to take the deepening of the reform of state -owned enterprises as the starting point,Reform and empowerment;,Realize the internal management of the enterprise; the intelligent upgrade of the industry is driven by data elements,Implement digital management empowerment; take the construction of the financial sharing center as the starting point,Realize financial management empowerment; increase investment value with project management,Realize post -investment management empowerment; build a risk barrier with legal affairs,Realize the empowerment of risk control management;,Create a new situation of party building work。That is Stake Sports Bettingto stake online casinostrengthen ideological and political construction,Create a new highland of theory learning; strengthen the construction of talent team,Create a new feature of strong capabilities; strengthen the construction of grass -roots party organizations,Create a new brand of party building in the branch; it is to strengthen cultural propaganda and construction,Create a new atmosphere of a person to build a person; strengthen the construction of party style and clean government,Create a new ecosystem of rejection of rot。

      Sun Guangyuan requirements,2024,The majority of cadres and employees of the new production and investment group must keep in mind that General Secretary Xi Jinping is to Longjiang、Yin Yin's entrustment to state -owned enterprises,Thanksgiving for Endorization、Create a glory again,Graspped implementation、Frankly popular implementation、Seeking truth and pragmatic implementation、Dare to do good for implementation,Jointly create a new pattern of the Group's high -quality and efficient development,For the pillar of the construction of the province、Regional leader、Domestic well -known、The first -class "Two New" Investment Group in the industry is working hard!

      will be on it,Group leaders to obtain advanced workers of the year、Advanced Team (Team)、Advanced Collective、Chuangxian Fighting Excellent Award、Pillar Industry Construction Award、Special Contribution Award、The winning unit of the innovation promotion award、Group and individual representatives awards awards。

      will be on it,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Fu Qiang signed the 2024 business performance responsibility letter and safety responsibility letter。

      Gao Guo requests casinowhen hosting Stake Sports Bettingthe meeting,The group of cadres and employees of the group must deeply understand the spiritual essence of the report,All departments and ownership enterprises,To quickly convey and implement the spirit of the meeting,Focus on "4365" strategic deployment,Planning thinking、Seize opportunities、Implementation measures。To persist in the power of learning example,Draw the forgiving power from the Model Model,Strive to be a pioneer,Showing new actions in promoting the high -quality development of the group、Make new performance。Focus on completing the annual goal,Pay close attention to promoting key tasks,firm confidence、True Grabbing,Contributions to the creation of a new pattern of high -quality development of the group。

      Member of the leadership team of the group company、Provincial management cadre、Full -time external directors、Class executives、Responsible comrades of various departments,Each second -level ownership enterprise is mainly responsible for comrades、Responsible comrades in charge,The award -winning representative attended the conference at the main venue,Employee of the Group Corporation、Video participation members and related personnel at all levels of ownership enterprises at all levels。

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