Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Director Wang Fengwen went to the new production investment group for research

Category: Group News     2024-03-07

      March 6,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Director Wang Fengwen and his party went to the new production investment group to investigate and guide the work,Party Secretary of the Group Company、Chairman Sun Guangyuan,Group Leaders Gao Guo、Lu Ming、Li Yiqing、Zhang Yanmei、Li Hui,Chief Investment Officer Bo Jinfeng accompanied the investigation and discussion。

      Wang Fengwen and his party went to the group information center、Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall,Understand the process of information construction and enterprise development、The main business sector、Party building and other content。At the stake online casinosubsequent symposium,Listen to the key work of the enterprise、Promotional measures、Fund operation and other situations report。

      Wang Fengwen pointed out,New Products Investment Group's in -depth implementation of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important speech,Careful implementation of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government、Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Decision and Deployment Requirements,Tightly built around the province's "4567" modern industrial system,Deep cultivation of the "two new" investment fields,Make solid results in various tasks。

      Wang Fengwen emphasized,The new production investment group must adhere to the functional positioning given by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government,Show the provincial enterprise responsibility,Powerful in the construction of "Six Longjiang"。stake online casinoIn -depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during the inspection of Heilongjiang during inspection of Heilongjiang,Promoting political construction; "Cross Standard",Strengthen the construction of the leadership team; adhere to the party management cadre、Principles of party management talents,Strengthen the construction of talent team. Second, we must do a good job of production and operation.Seize national policy opportunities,Do the scale of cleaning energy industry; give full play to fund guidance,firmly invest in the "two new" fields; benchmarks first -class,Grasp the operation of polycarbonate combined project operation and second phase project demonstration; high point position,High -end start,Innovation institutional mechanism,Promoting Xinchuang Industry。Third is to deepen the reform of state -owned enterprises.advanced experience of peer companies in developed regions,Bold innovation assessment incentive mechanism,Let really have technology、Talents who understand investment and market development play a role,Stimulate the internal power of the enterprise。Fourth is to prevent the risk of resolution.Coordinating high -quality development and high level safety,Effectively prevent and resolve safety and environmental risks、Fund risk、Integrity risk。

      Sun Guangyuan said,I sincerely thank the Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Assets Commission for long -term care and support for the new production investment group。Group will follow the Provincial Party Committee、The deployment requirements of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC,firm " Potal Longjiang、Vote ‘Two New’、Investment Development、Investment in the future "investment concept,Give full play to the role of work class,Integrate all aspects of resources,Expansion increase,Optimized stock,Promote the implementation of the "4365" strategy,To strengthen the size of Longjiang's new quality productivity,Help Longjiang high -quality development、Make a greater contribution of sustainable revitalization。

      Stake Sports BettingThe responsible comrades of the relevant office of the Provincial SASAC,Group full -time external directors、class executives、Responsible comrades in various departments,The main responsible comrades in the second -level ownership of Harbin Harbin participated in the discussion。

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