[Media Focus] Keli Company has new quality productive forces to compete for the door.

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Optical device processed by Harbin Institute of Technology Super Precision Machine Tool.

Harbin Institute of Technology independently developed sealing and sealing products.

Precision detection equipment developed by Harbin Institute of Technology.

Ultra -precision machine tools developed and produced by Harbin Institute of Technology.

The wafer thinner parts of Harbin Institute of Technology R & D and produced and produced.

The person in charge of Heilongjiang Provincial New Industry Investment Group deeply penetrates Antian Technology's docking financing needs。

Keli Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement site with Harou Group.

□ Wang Tianyu Liu Dianbao Peng Zhengju

      "Accelerate the formation of new productive forces", "Core carrier of enterprises as the core carrier of scientific and technological achievements,Improve the transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements "" "to lead the industry with scientific and technological innovation to lead the industry's comprehensive revitalization" ...

      Since this year,Heilongjiang New Industry Investment Group, Heilongjiang Province Keli Gao Technology Industry Investment Co., Ltd.,The transformation of scientific and technological achievements is transformed into a breakthrough,Focus on financial support scientific and technological innovation、Transformation of scientific and technological achievements stake.com casinostake.com casinoand corporate innovation development,Promote the deep integration of technology and finance,Accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to new productive productivity,Promoting Longjiang scientific and technological innovation。In the first quarter,Keli Co., Ltd. realized the opening of the investment project of Harbin Institute of Technology's scientific and technological achievements,Completion of the investment work of the industrialization project of Harbin Xingxin Technology Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute of Technology。

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      Keli Investment in this round of investment in Xingxin Technology 10 million yuan,The production line of high -end aerospace -level electronic packaging materials will be constructed,and strive to become a listed company in electronic packaging materials within 7 years。Xingxin Technology was created by the top scientist team of Harbin Institute of Technology,It is an industrialization platform for the core science and technology achievement of Extraordinary Environmental Materials and Devices Research Center of Harbin Institute of Technology。Eastern and sealing gum of Xingxin Technology R & D and produced、Plastic sealing products are tolerance to fracture、High and low temperature cycle characteristics and other technologies leading in China,The level of technology reaches the same level,Can be widely used in aerospace、Electronic information and other related fields,The future market prospects are broad。Through the self -developed product recipe,Effectively ensure the safe and autonomous operation of my country's electronic information industry。Industrialization project of Harbin Institute of Technology,It mainly stake sports betting appstake.com casino reviewproduces and sells ultra -precision machine tool equipment,​​Company products can be widely used in ultra -precision optical devices、During the production and processing process of key components of molds and lithography machines,Core technology level internationally lead,Broad future development prospects。The transformation of the two scientific and technological achievements above can bring stable and high tax revenue every year,Solve nearly a hundred people in the province,It is expected to formed electronic materials in Longjiang、CNC machine tool industrial cluster,This round of investment financing promotes fund investment、Technology Innovation、New situation in the integration of physical industry。

In the past twenty years,Keli Fund has achieved excellent results in the investment of scientific and technological achievements in the province,Cumulative investment in more than 100 high -quality scientific and technological achievements projects in the province,Cumulative investment amount of more than 600 million yuan。Walk to the future,Keli Fund will continue to increase investment intensity of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the province,Promote the two new industries、Future Industrial Development,Planning for 2024 investment is not less than 300 million yuan,The proposed investment project includes the Harbin Institute of Technology Da Satellite Project、Harbin Institute of Technology EDA Industrialization Project、Harbin Institute of Technology Darge Magnetic Suspending Line Project、Harbin Institute of Technology、Harbin Gong Halway Hemisphere Resonant Magic Magic Industrialization Project。

      Continuously shaping new development capacity Accelerate the formation of new productive forces

      Alone with the Stake Sports Bettingstake online casinotimes,Dare to break through and dare to be。Keli Company as the provincial "two new" industry investment and financing platform,Give full play to the multiplication amplifier effect of scientific and technological innovation increasers,Continuously shaping new development capacity,Accelerate the formation of new productive forces。Helping a large satellite、Sien Technology、Toshica Ocean and other Harbin Institute of Technology、Harbin Engineering Early Project from small to large。Through the fund product has been empower to Antian Technology、Si Zherui Surgery Robot and other more than 140 high -tech enterprises develop and grow,Promote the new optical electricity、Guanglian Airlines、Dapeng Industry、Dongsheng Gold Material、30 companies including Ke Neng Mongolian components listed on the multi -level capital market (listing) bigger and stronger。As of now,Keli Company and the system in -system funds are investing in 80 projects、The quota is 2.03 billion yuan,134 projects in the investment project in the shares、End 1.366 billion yuan,strongly promoted scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of results。

      Keli Company must develop to the industrialization of high -tech achievements,Implement policy requirements such as "Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Industrialization Action Plan" and "60 Articles of Longjiang Innovation Development in the New Era",Provide capital solutions for the transformation and industrialization of scientific achievements。The company actively connects the strategic needs of the province,Focus on the key industry chain、Major innovation platform、Various types of innovative enterprises,Born more new industries、New mode、New kinetic energy,Constantly stake.com casinoStake Sports Bettingcultivate new quality productive forces。The company continues to work with Harbin Institute of Technology and other universities、The source of innovation in the Institute of Scientific Research and the competent scientific and technological departments at all levels are closely collaborated,Give play to the role of capital bond,Gathering、Integrated、At the same time of optimizing the resources of innovation element,Investment strategy to move forward to the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements,Investing in the province's high -quality scientific and technological achievements project enterprises,Contribute capital for the construction of Longjiang "4567" modern industrial system。

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