Provincial CPPCC Chairman Lan Shaomin went to the new production investment group for research

Category: Group News     2024-05-16


      On the afternoon of May 13,Chairman of the Provincial CPPCC Lan Shaomin at the Provincial New Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.,The development and construction of state -owned enterprises in our province,Investigate the issues related to the 2024 negotiation plan of the Provincial CPPCC,Hold a symposium。

      Lan Shaomin first came to the group information center,Through the management system and smart transportation management platform,Watch the real -time screen of the production monitoring of the power plant,Detailed understanding of the overall layout of the group、Informatization construction、Equipment operation、Digital construction, stake online casino review。Subsequent,Lan Shaomin came to the corporate culture exhibition hall,Watch the video carefully、graphic and other information,Detailed inquiry Group's main business、Key project、Business benefits, etc.,Understand the development process of the group、Construction results、Future plan、Party building work, etc.。He focuses on the group's focus on the main business、Adhere to the practice of deepening reforms and establishing a new industrial research institute and achieved results, give full affirmation,Hope the Group insists on the "new" direction in the "new" word,Deepen the "Industrial Revitalization" mission with the word "production",Investment guidance and investment value -added function with the word "investment",constantly becoming stronger and superior capital and state -owned enterprises,Become a pillar in the province as soon as possible、Regional leader、Domestic well -known、The first -class "two new" investment groups in the industry,stake online casinostake online casinoContributions to the creation of new quality of productivity for the development of Longjiang。

      Lan Shaomin emphasized,We must pay attention to "New",Aspire to the development of new quality of productivity。Hope Group's in -depth study、Make a scientific definition of General Secretary Xi Jinping's new productive productivity、Basic Connotation、Main logo、Core elements and other questions,Understand、Graspped、Implement the relevant decision -making deployment of the Provincial Party Committee; deeply understand the responsibility in the process of developing a new quality product in Longjiang,Tightly combined with your own characteristics,Give full play to the factor guarantee effect of optimizing allocation of capital、The leading role of the demonstration leading the leading role and the development practice of the market body is the first to explore the role of the market subject,Effectively reflect the inherent requirements of new productivity into business development,To Stake Sports BettingStake Sports Bettingbe responsible、There is a thing。

      Lan Shaomin emphasized,We want to highlight "production",Contributions to the development of Longjiang Industrial。I hope that the group will focus on the development of new productive forces,Concrete the target industry、Target direction,Key breakthrough、Key development,Put its energy、Electricity、Chemical、Paper and other industries to make further bigger and stronger,Make feature、Make status、Make benefits,Development for Longjiang Manufacturing、Industrial Development、Make greater contributions to the development of the secondary production。

Lan Shaomin emphasized,We must do a good job of "voting",There is a role in the investment and operation of state -owned capital。It is necessary to resolutely implement the important requirements of the Party Central Committee on the investment and operation of state -owned capital,Deep understanding、Scientific grasp、Resolutely implement it,Constantly stake sports betting appStake Sports Bettingimproving the decision -making and operating mechanism,Follow the law of the operation of the capital market,Focus on the focus of investment on deepening scientific and technological innovation、Technology support industrial development,To better help the development of "two new" enterprises and new productive forces in Longjiang。



      Responsible comrades from the Provincial SASAC participated in the survey.

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