[Media Follow] Longshi News Network Follow the new production investment group Hengfeng paper industry technical reform and upgrade

Category: Media Follow     2024-06-03

      Yesterday,Longshi News Network focuses on Hengfeng Group, the ownership of the new production investment group,Tell the push of digitalization,Traditional manufacturing is ushered in unprecedented opportunities for transformation and stake.com casinoupgrading。stake online casinoRecent,​​Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengfeng Paper Industry") and Harbin Institute of Technology jointly build the "Digital Paper Industry Technology Research Institute",Jointly developed the "Intelligent Research and Inspection Management All Life Cycle Data Application and Industrialization" project,It marks that the company has taken a solid step on the road of technical transformation and transformation.。

      It is understood,Hengfeng Paper invested 10 million yuan this time,It aims to introduce advanced simulation technology of Harbin Institute of Technology,Implement the stake.com casino reviewstake.com casino reviewintelligence and precision of the product research and development process。Hengfeng Paper Digital Director Xu Lu said,This platform applies the research results of Harbin Institute of Technology in the field of outer space simulation to industrial production,Not only greatly reduced the trial and error cost of product research and development,It also subverts the traditional production mode,Injects a strong motivation for the innovation and development of the enterprise。

      The technical reform and upgrading of Hengfeng Paper and the transformation of digital intelligence,It is a microcosm of the transformation stake.com stake.com casinocasinoand upgrading of Mudanjiang City and even the entire manufacturing industry。This year,Mudanjiang City planned a total of 59 digital intelligent transformation projects,Equipment update plans for the whole year to complete more than 7,000 sets,Total investment exceeds 1.5 billion yuan。Implementation of these projects,It will effectively promote the local manufacturing industry to digitize、Intelligent direction transformation,Provide strong support for the high -quality development of the economy。

      Looking forward to the future,Hengfeng Paper will continue to promote technical reform and upgrading stake.com casino reviewand stake sports betting appdigital intellectual transformation.,Constantly improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise,lay a solid foundation for the achievement of sustainable development。