New Products Investment Group Get off at Wu Baozhong to Longjiang Nong as a job

Category: Group News     2024-06-03

      Today,General Manager of Heilongjiang Agricultural Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd.、Deputy casinoSecretary of the Party Committee、Director Wang Shukui and his party visited the new production investment group,Welcome Comrade Wu Baozhong to the deputy general manager of Longjiang Agricultural Resources。Secretary of stake online casinothe Party Committee of the Group Company、Chairman Sun Guangyuan,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Fu Qiang,Member of the Party Committee、Directors、Deputy General Manager Lu Ming,Human Resources Director Su Guanying participated in the discussion and farewell activities。


       Sun Guangyuan welcomes Wang Shukui on behalf of the new production investment group,Congratulations to Wu Baozhong's job in new posts。He said,Comrade Wu Baozhong has since joined the work,Persevere learning、Performing duties seriously,After multiple job exercises,It has become casino reviewan expert -type talent in casino reviewthe art。I hope he will go to a new job,Combining experience accumulated years with professional advantages,Deep farming agricultural financing guarantee service field,Help the province's agricultural industrialization、Make greater contributions to maintaining food security。

      Wang Shukui said,Comrade Wu Baozhong grew into an excellent cadre,The result of personal efforts,It is also inseparable from the good platform of the new production investment group。She also fully affirmed the construction of the new production investment group in the party、Production and operation、"Two New" Investment、performance Stake Sports Bettingachieved by talent training,I hope stake online casinothat the two parties will further strengthen communication,Jointly explore the effective path of high -quality development,The powerful measures for the cultivation of young talents for each other。

       Wu Baozhong thanked the group's leadership team for their care、Help,Thank you colleagues for your understanding and support。He said,will uphold the original intention in the new job、Faithful performance,Diligence,Live up to the trust of the organization and the encouragement of comrades,I also wish the new production investment group better tomorrow。


Group Headquarters from Comrade Wu Baozhong Stake Sports Bettingin the lobby on the first floor

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