Chen Neng New Energy Qitaihe Company is officially put into use of water supply systems in the production of Zhongshui

Category: Plates dynamics     2024-06-04

    May 30,Qitaihechen Neng Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd. produces the water supply system in the production of the water supply system and is officially put into operation,annual reduction of production water costs about 800,000 yuan,Thoroughly get rid of production stake online casinowater stake sports betting appdifficulty、Difficulty problem with high water prices,Clear a major obstacle for 2024 to turn losses and get out of trouble。


      Qitaihe company produces water for water design water for medium water,Since the original planned water purification plant has not been constructed,Living water has been used since putting in production,Water price 7.9 yuan/ton,Annual production water cost is about 1.5 million yuan。To solve the problem of water use as soon as possible,Effectively reduce production cost,Group Company、New Energy Company strengthens communication with local government departments,The main leaders Stake Sports casino reviewof Qitaihe Company are coaches to set up a special class,After a period of fighting,It is determined to build a water supply pump station in the water plant,Independent plan for production of water supply for Qitaihe Company。February this year,Qitaihe Company carried out the research on the construction of the water plant pumping station,Clarified the necessity of pumping station construction,and complete the bidding of the pump station equipment at the end of April,Then rush to work day and night,Step debugging,officially put into operation on May 30,Water price drops from 7.9 yuan/ton to 2.95 yuan/ton,Not only greatly casino reviewreduced the cost of production water,It also solves the safety problem of continuous stable water supply for a single water source。

      Next,Qitaihe Company will continue to dig deep into production cost reduction and efficiency and internal dives,Focus on party building leaders、Safety production、Fuel insurance、cost reduction and efficiency、Five key tasks of fine management,Anchoring Treatment Lost、Turn losses、Stop loss target,Du Xing Struggle,Forwarding for a hard time,Make sure to successfully achieve annual settlement goals。

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