2024 & ldquo; National Science and Technology Workers Day & RDQUO; Mudanjiang City Main Lottery Museum is held at Hengfeng Museum

Category: Plates dynamics     2024-06-04

      May 30,by Mudanjiang Science and Technology Association、Municipal Science and Technology Bureau、Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department、Co -sponsored by the Municipal Party Committee,The main stake.com casinoevent Stake Sports Bettingof Mudanjiang City, "National Science and Technology Worker Day" co -organized by Hengfeng Paper Industry, was held in the reporting hall of Hengfeng Museum。Li Enshuang, deputy general manager of Hengfeng Paper, represents the company on behalf of the company。

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      The activity is "promoted the spirit of scientists,Yong Dang high -level technology self -reliance and self -strong vanguard "as the theme,By issuing "Mudanjiang Science and Technology Talents Warm Card",Outstanding popular science volunteer for Mudanjiang City、Mudanjiang stake.com casinoYouth Science and Technology stake.com casinoInnovation Competition Excellent Organization Unit Awards,Giving flags for Mudanjiang Youth Technology Agriculture Service Team,Actively create the whole society to support science and technology、The atmosphere of Ai Huoluo Scientific and Technological Talents。

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      It is reported,Hengfeng Paper has a total of 80 people with senior professional titles to get "Science and Technology Talent Warm Card",Enjoy the medical treatment、Traffic、Travel、Legal Consultation、Life and other preferential policies。

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      Museum interpreter stake.com casino reviewZhang Hong was recommended as an excellent popular science volunteer in Mudanjiang City。

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      May 30th is the eighth "National Science and Technology Worker Day"。During the event,Deputy Secretary of the Mudanjiang Municipal Party Committee Heye Heye, the majority of scientific and technological workers to send festivals; the participating leaders and the city's outstanding science and technology workers visited the China Paper Museum (Heilongjiang)。

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