Li Jinsong and his party went to China League Long New Company for safety inspection guidance

Category: Group News     2024-06-04

      In -depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety,Effectively prevent and resolve major security risks of hazardous chemicals,May 30,Li Jinsong, deputy general manager of the New Products Investment Group, went to China League Long New Company for safety inspection guidance,China League Group、Group Corporation Safety (Engineering) Supervision Department and relevant leaders and staff of China League Long New Company casino reviewaccompanied by inspection。

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      Li Jinsong conducted a key inspection of the control of major risk points and major hazardous source areas in the factory area,He emphasizes,major sources of danger as a key area for the entire plant,To ensure a toxic combustible alarm system、Safety instrument system、Monitoring and early warning system of major hazard sources and supporting fire equipment facilities run intact,Strengthen the intensity of daily inspections,Increase the frequency of inspection。To further improve awareness,Do a good job of preventing and controlling major security risks,Pay attention to the inspection work of a major dangerous source,To face the problem,Continuous improvement。

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      Subsequent,Li Jinsong listened to the report made by China League Long New Company on the recent work safety casinowork.,and give affirmation of the safety risk management and control work of China League Long New Company。He pointed out,The person in charge of the enterprise must participate in and promote major risk management and control work,Increase self -examination,Digging into major accident hidden dangers; continuously pay close attention to problems rectification,Taking the problem rectification as an important means to consolidate corporate security,Taking major risk management and control work as a long -term nature to improve the essence and safety level of the enterprise、Basic work to catch,Seeking work effectiveness。

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      Li Jinsong emphasized,China League Long New Company must strengthen the closed -loop management of hidden dangers,Ensure that hidden dangers are in place,To stake sports betting appachieve "one against the three"; second, we must strengthen emergency drills,Pay attention to based on actual,Strengthen the targetedness of emergency drills,Pay attention to the exercise effect evaluation,Improve the practicality and operability of emergency plans,Pay attention to finding problems during the exercise、Implement rectification; Third, we must improve technical defense capabilities,Use the opportunity to update the large -scale old equipment in the province,Fight for government subsidies,Complete the update of old equipment,Improve the level of essential safety; Fourth, we must implement the requirements of the group company's flood prevention and drought resistance work conference,Do a good job of preventing work during the flood season,Highlight the focus stake sports betting appof flood prevention、Strengthen prevention response,Strengthen the emergency mechanism、Enhanced duty duty and emergency materials reserves in place。

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