Fu Qiang's all -line & ldquo; Four Nu two direct & rdquo; Check Chenneng New Energy Harbin Company's on -site safety production work

Category: Group News     2024-06-04

      June 3,When the 23rd "Safety Production Month" was launched,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the New Products Investment Group、Deputy Chairman、General Manager Fu Qiang,"Four Nobody and Two Strains" Go to Chenneng New Energy Harbin Chenneng Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd.,and investigate the work and operation of production and operation。

      Fu Qiang and his party deep into the production site of Harbin Company、Collection Control Room、Materials storage field and cultural exhibition hall for safety inspections and research,Hold a symposium。

      will be on,First conveyed and learned "Member of stake.com casino reviewthe stake.com casinoPolitical Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing of the State Council ’s speech at the launching ceremony of the National“ Safety Production Month ”activity of the National Council”、Governor Liang Huiling's speech at the province's economic operation dispatch conference "and" New production investment group 2024 "production safety month" event work requirements ",Participants watched the security warning education video "Safety Accident Warning",Harbin Company is safe production、Business indicators、Non -electricity project、fuel collection and storage、Party building and party style and clean government construction have been reported in detail。

      Fu Qiang expressed affirmation of the work of Harbin Company,and put forward work requirements for the completion of the annual production and operation indicators,First, to strengthen political leadership,Continuous learning and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era stake sports betting appof stake online casinosocialist thoughts and inspection of the important instructions of Longjiang's important speech,In -depth implementation of the arrangement of the party committee of the group's party building and the construction of party style and clean government,Consolidation of the results obtained by theme education,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education; the Second, to strengthen business management,Implement the work deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and the Provincial SASAC,Promote the implementation of the "4365" strategic deployment of the group company,Purchase of raw materials、Treatment of cost reduction and efficiency and other key tasks,Lay the foundation for the full completion of the annual operating goals; the third is to implement the "one position and two responsibilities",It is necessary to make a good plan for development and stability,Strengthen the construction of a safety production system,Persist in safety first、Stake Sports Bettingstake sports betting appPrevention,Implement the requirements of the security committee at all levels,Do a good job of work safety,Focus on the investigation and control of major risk hidden dangers,Ensure that risks can be controlled and controlled,hidden dangers in place; fourth, we must earnestly carry out the rectification of the establishment of the rules and stations and the inspection issues,Promote the implementation of the main responsibilities of the party's main body,At the same time, strengthen ideology and party style and clean government,Strengthening the education and warning education of integrity,Effectively promote grass -roots party building and corporate culture construction,Forms a special cultural brand。

      After the meeting,Fu Qiang and his party visited the model worker and craftsman innovation studio,Actively carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with Harbin Company,Seeking high evaluation of scientific stake.com casinoand technological innovation,At the same time, Harbin is required stake online casinoto use management innovation and technological innovation as a dual -drive,Promoting the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements,Improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise。

      Li Jinsong, deputy general manager of the new production investment group、Safety (Engineering) Supervision Department and relevant personnel of the Party and Mass Work Department accompanied by inspection。

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