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      "Teaching" and "Police" combination,Let the warning education "live"。June 4,Keli Company carried out in -depth warning education activities,Hold a party disciplinary education warning education conference。Through the case, Germany、Speaking of the case、Case saying、Responsibility for the case,Let party members and cadres often knock on ideological alarm clocks、Frequently tight discipline strings、Frequent awe heart,Continuously consolidate the political Stake Sports Bettingecology of the wind and qi,Provide a strong discipline guarantee for the company's high -quality development。The company's full -time deputy secretary Chen Yuanzheng chaired the meeting,Company Discipline Inspection Member Sun Youzuo "Based on the Case Special counseling of the case with the case. "

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      Participants watch a series of alarm films in the integrity education series。Subsequent,Company Discipline Inspection Member Sun You combined with a warning education film,Special counseling of party style and clean government,Typical cases that occur in the real occurrence,Vividly and vividly report to cadres and employees to report and analyze,Guide all party members and cadres to solid the bottom line,Awe Discipline,Defense Micro Du Jie,Effectively stake online casinotransforming party discipline learning results into firm beliefs。

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      Conference emphasized,First, improve ideological understanding,Deep understanding the spirit of the meeting。All departments、Each subsidiary must carefully convey the spirit of the learning meeting,Learn from a warning case,Against three,Quoting as a ring,Really implement the spirit of the meeting into the specific work of cadres and employees,Responsibility for implementation layer,Layers of conduction pressure,Grasp the company's party style and clean government construction and disciplinary construction work.。Second, we must strengthen the ideals and beliefs,Persist in the bottom line of the party discipline and state law。Construction of ideological casinoand political construction、Ideal and Belief Education places more prominent positions,Persevere high line for ideals and beliefs,Continuously enhanced political determination,Absolute loyalty。Building a prison refusal corruption and defense thinking line,Solve the problem from the source of thought and behavior,Let warning education become our compulsory course。Third, focus on key nodes,Do a good job of party style and clean government。Dragon Boat Festival is coming,Grasp the construction of a clean government during the festival,It is an important part of implementing the "two responsibilities" of party style and clean government.。We must do a good job in the education of party style and clean government during the holidays,Discipline requirements,Strict disciplinary execution。stake sports betting appLeading cadres must play a good demonstration function,Take the lead in adhering to the rules of discipline,Take the lead in promoting the fresh air,Create a strong atmosphere of integrity。

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