Ni Jianjun, director of the North District of Huawei Global Training Center, and a party to the new production investment group discussed and exchanged

Category: Group News     2024-06-05

      June 3,Ni Jianjun, director of the North District of Huawei Global Training Center, went to the new production investment group to conduct exchange negotiations。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Employee Directors、President of Trade Union Gao Guo,Organization Department of the Party Committee (Human Resources casinoDepartment)、Relevant comrades of the Party and Mass Work Department,Huawei Global Training Center Heilongjiang Training Manager Zhang Nan attended the discussion。


      Welcome to Ni Jianjun's visits,also introduced the group's functional positioning、Industrial layout、Promote "Two New" investment、Transformation of scientific and technological achievements、Work of Xinchuang Industry and other aspects。He said,Huawei as a Fortune 500 company,Getting the world's attention,In corporate culture、Talent training is worth learning,In the early stage of cooperation with Huawei's training project,Feel the specialized training process of Huawei stake online casinoCompany and the ultimate service experience,I hope that in the future, the two parties will deepen cooperation in terms of talent training,Blend Huawei's experience and practice with the characteristics of the industry's industry characteristics,Strive to make more cooperation results,Provides strong momentum for the Group's high -quality development。


      Ni Jianjun thanks to the enthusiastic reception of the new production investment group,Indicates that through this discussion exchange,The business scope of the new production investment group、Industrial characteristics have a deeper understanding。He introduced the current stake online casinostatus of Huawei's development、Main business areas,Experience and practices in talent training,I hope that the two parties will be based on good cooperation in the early stage,Combined with their own business characteristics,Focusing on talent training and other aspects of deep mining cooperation points,Provide Huawei Power for the Development of the New Industry Investment Group,Jointly create a new situation in cooperation and win -win situation。


      Ni Jianjun and his party also visited the Group's Information Technology Exhibition Hall and the Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall。


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