Li Yiqing and his party went deep into Chen Neng New Energy Harbin Company to investigate and investigate digital construction

Category: Group News     2024-06-06

      June 5,Member of the Party Committee of the New Industry Investment and Investment Group、Deputy General Manager Li Yiqing to Chenneng New Energy Harbin Company research and inspect digital construction and hold a digital construction seminar。The research team went deep into the Harbin company unmanned to pound on the spot、Fuel material field、Production and control room and other areas conduct stake online casinofield research on the installation and system operation of digital construction related hardware equipment,and listened to the digital transformation work report of Chenneng New Energy Company and Harbin Company,Focus on the research and development of the intelligent detection device of straw。

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      Before the meeting,Li Yiqing and his party also visited the corporate culture exhibition hall of Harbin Company,Understand the latest dynamics in corporate scientific and technological innovation。

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      Li Yiqing expressed full affirmation of the digital achievements achieved by Chen Neng New Energy Company,Participants conducted in -depth exchanges on the current development direction of the current enterprise digitalization and the future development Stake Sports Bettingdirection of biomass companies。Li Yiqing pointed out,First, I want to raise understanding。Data in the digital economy era has become the most important production element,Enterprises must seize opportunities,The focus is in practice,Really transformed into a motivation for enterprise development,Use digital technology to reduce people to increase efficiency,Improve corporate competitiveness and survivability。Second, we must weigh the interest relationship。The current development of the industry is difficult,Actively seek the road of efficient development,Use digital transformation opportunities,Those who can calculate the benefits in the morning,Mid -term and long -term beneficial effort to make staging in staging,By to digitalization、Intelligent stake online casinotransformation,Create a new productive application scenario,Improve production and operation efficiency,Strive to turn losses into profit。Third, continue to pay attention to favorable policies。To actively build a communication platform,Form a good communication mechanism with all parties,Especially pay attention to cooperation in the field of technology research and development,Affairs with good effects should be vigorously promoted,The development of its own specialty projects for local conditions,Effective improvement of corporate benefits,Deeply digging data resource value,Promoting the work of digital transformation, see the work,。

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      New Industry Investment Group Strategic Development Department、Chenneng New stake sports betting appEnergy Company Related Responsible Comrades Accompany the Research。

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